How much does it cost?
FLAZIO is available in two versions: the FREE version is totally free, while the PRO version costs 9€/month.
What is the difference between FREE and PRO versions?
The PRO version adds to the free functionality with a better address like www.yoursitename.it (.com, .net, etc...), 5 e-mails with your domain's extension, the ability to receive statistics notifications, use of advanced elements such as those used to create your own e-commerce website and much more.
Why is the FREE version free?
The free version allows you to test the quality of our product. It can be used without any time limit. The presence of the word "flazio" within the address of each website created using the free version implicitly advertises FLAZIO.
Can I update my website?
Yes, whenever you want, at any moment. Each change you make is instantly published and communicated to search engines.
Do I need to install any software?
No. FLAZIO is a web application, also available online, at www.flazio.com, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can access it from any PC connected to the internet.
How long until it is active?
Your website will be active immediately. After registration you can access FLAZIO and start customizing it with your content and your creative ideas.
Can I use an existing domain with Flazio?
Can I use an existing domain with Flazio?
I have a VAT: Can I use it to invoice payments to Flazio?
Flazio allows you to register your PRO account as "Company." In this case you will need your enterprise data for billing purposes. Remember to insert the VAT!
Will my website be present on search engines?
Absolutely. FLAZIO automatically optimizes all your content. It will all be automatically indexed by search engines.
Can I find out how many people visit my website?
PRO users have access to an integrated statistical service which will provide detailed information about your visitors. The statistics will be shown with the aid of a clear and simple graph. All statistics are updated in real-time, as you're looking at them. You will know what words people search for on search engines to get to your website and know the number of online visitors who are visiting the website at this moment.
Can I edit the title, description and keywords of my website?
Yes, you can do this easily via the optimization panel: FLAZIO gives you full control of your Website.
How many pages can I create?
Infinitely many. With FLAZIO there is no limit to the number of pages you can create.
Can I sell my products online?
Sure. FLAZIO PRO provides users an e-commerce engine that will allows you to sell your products through your website.
Will my website will also be available in other languages​​?
If you wish, Flazio gives you the opportunity to make your site multilingual.
Will my website will be viewable on mobile phones, smartphones and other mobile devices?
Yes, Flazio sites are compatible for viewing on any device.
Can my website be resized?
Yes, with just a few clicks, you can determine how it should behave based on the size of the screen. Your website will be perfect on 10'' monitors and 30'' monitors.